Air Conditioning Installation in Santa Barbara and Goleta, CA

The installation of the air-conditioning system is a very labor-intensive process; therefore, the help of experienced specialists is absolutely necessary. Our company A+ Refrigeration Heating & Air Conditioning is the best air conditioning installation contractor and is ready to provide this kind of service with pleasure.

What is included in split AC installation?

The main purpose of the air-conditioning system is cooling the air inside the room and maintaining the required temperature automatically. In addition, some types of air conditioning systems solve the problem of providing the necessary sanitary standards for fresh air, moistening and cleaning the air from dust.

The split-system consists of an external and internal unit. The indoor unit can be of different type and shape. They fall into the following categories:

 wall mounted;

Additionally, two types of air conditioners can be identified: channel and industrial. They consist of several external blocks and one powerful internal one, so they are more effective in large areas.

Any split-system is preferable to install during the construction or major repairs of the premises. In this case, there is an excellent opportunity to lay the entire system inside the walls. All work is carried out in two stages:

  installation of an indoor unit and installation of connection wires in special channels of walls;
  Installation of an external unit, and then the system can be connected and started.

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The technical features of each installation, the timing of the installation of air conditioning, the price of services – everything can be discussed, by requesting a callback or contacting our manager by phone.

Our AC installation services includes:

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inspection of premises and recommendations on selection of equipment (capacity, type, model);
advice on where and how would be best to install the equipment;
drafting and necessary calculations;
direct installation of an air-conditioning system purchased by the customer;
service and post-warranty service.


The staff of our company consists exclusively of highly qualified specialists with rich experience of practical work, who are always happy to provide consulting support for the installation of air conditioning, technical air conditioning, air ventilation in both residential and commercial premises.

How to choose the right AC installation contractor?

A+ Refrigeration Heating & Air Conditioning is the best AC installation company in Santa Barbara, the residents of Goleta, Carpinteria, Santa Ynes, Oxnard, Ventura, Ojai, Solvang, Buellton, Lompoc and Santa Maria, CA.

Each air-conditioning system requires a serious professional approach. Thus, we have:

  specialists (engineers, designers, technicians) who undergo advanced training courses;

  follow all the innovations in the field of production of climate technology;

  all systems are serviced in accordance with the requirements for trouble-free operation;

  take into account all the features of the premises and make recommendations and calculations only in accordance to the features;

  take responsibility for each step- from the design and selection of equipment to maintenance;

customers are satisfied with our work of creating conditions for a favorable microclimate of the premises.

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Why should you contact us?

As stated above, the air-conditioning system of the room (be it an apartment, office, store or other premises) will serve a long time only with the proper selection of equipment, competent design and professional installation of the entire system.
Installation of air conditioners involves the preliminary visit of the site by specialist; because to make competent selection and determination of the cost of work they need to consider the basic parameters and characteristics of the premises, such as:


Calculation of the amount of heat in the room that air conditioning will cool down;


choosing the best option for placing the air conditioner – in such a way that it does not create a draft, and unnecessary noise, does not interfere with the living and working of people;

drafting tasks for installers who will install the air conditioner in accordance with it.

All these stages can be trusted to the qualified specialists of the company A+ Refrigeration Heating & Air Conditioning, because they have a lot of experience in this field; therefore, they will cope with the tasks of any complexity for 100%.

Please, contact us if you need to install air conditioning and prepare your home for the summer. We have a 20% discount for the first installation of the system.

Call now and you will get a worthy service for installing climate system!
We guarantee that you will be satisfied with our work, and feel the comfort and fresh air in your home or commercial premises.


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