Air Conditioning Maintenance in Santa Barbara and Goleta, CA

Air conditioning equipment brings a comfortable temperature indoors when the weather is hot outside. If you want your A/C unit to work like clockwork, produce cool air, and regulate microclimate in your house well, routine air conditioning maintenance is required every year. It is essential to service your air conditioner every spring to prepare your facilities for flawless operation in summer.

A+ Refrigeration Heating & Air Conditioning company offers high-grade annual A/C maintenance for house owners from Santa Barbara, Ventura, Goleta, and other nearby locations. Our experts will service your air-conditioning device, eliminate possible problems with the technical units, and adjust essential settings to longer your system lifespan, lower electricity bills, improved serviceability.

What Is Included in Professional Air Conditioning Maintenance?

The basic A/C maintenance service includes all the preventive measures to make your home-based system perform smoothly. Our dedicated team inspects the outdoor unit and removes all the debris from the exterior parts of your conditioner. We check indoor vents and eliminate any obstructions to improve the operation rate of your A/C equipment. Our specialists change the air filters, do necessary cleanings, and replace exhausted system components.

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Note! If the customer notices some problems like water leaks, thermostat issues, or weird noises, our experts will come to restore the serviceability of your A/C unit as soon as possible. Nevertheless, if the routine equipment check-out takes place, it is possible to avoid sudden breakdowns and other unpleasant situations.

When Should You Do Your AC Maintenance?

We recommend making ready your A/C unit in spring. March and April are optimal months for the annual inspection and scheduled repair if necessary. This way you will prepare your system for the increased load in summer and warm autumn. It is much better to ensure the lack of preventives beforehand and stay pleased with exceptional comfort inside your house when the weather is hot.

The performance rates of your air-cooling facilities depend on your responsibility every year. Contact specialists in spring to examine your tech units.

Your regular preventive care:

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Brings convenient microclimate indoors;
Guarantees fewer repair bills;
 Undertakes to better HVAC or cooling system performance;
Brings fresher cooled air without dust and allergens.

Note! If you use an air conditioner all year long, change the air filter every month. It is critical if any member of your family has an allergy or other chronic respiratory illnesses. If you have pets, the dust and allergens accumulate on the surface of the A/C filter faster. Take care of your health and the health condition of your family. Replace the filter at least every 1-2 months.

Who Offers Annual A/C Maintenance Contracts in Santa Barbara and Goleta, CA?

A+ Refrigeration Heating & Air Conditioning is a trustworthy contractor when it comes to regular service of your HVAC systems including A/C maintenance in Santa Barbara and other surrounding areas. We provide inspection of units, installation of new cooling fittings, cleaning of the system components, and other useful options.

You can tie up a contract with our company to get basic air conditioning maintenance in Santa Barbara, Oxnard, Ojai, Solvang, Santa Ynez, Buellton, Lompoc, Santa Maria, and other CA-based locations. Contact our managers to specify any details. We offer affordable prices, high-level time management, and qualitative carrying-out of work!


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