How to choose the right radiators for your home?

Radiator (heating)

The correct choice of radiators determines the efficiency of the heating system, its durability and your comfort. So, what should I look for when looking to buy a radiator?

Up to date there are many alternatives and configurations of radiators on sale. To determine what heating radiators, you need for your home you need to answer several questions:

What type of heating system do you have?

An autonomous heating system is suitable for almost every radiator. There is one limitation: if a heating boiler has a copper heating element, then do not choose the aluminum radiators. Aluminum and copper create an electrolyte vapor, which leads to the rapid destruction and corrosion of aluminum (as a lighter metal).

For centralized heating (in apartment buildings), radiators of increased strength are used. Because they are resistant to pressure difference and drains of the coolant from the system. These parameters are met by bimetallic, cast iron and steel radiators.

What pipes are in your heating system?

It is necessary to consider the diameter of the pipes, the material of which they are made and how they are arranged. If you are installing a heating system from scratch, then this question is of minor importance. In apartment buildings metal and cast-iron pipes for the heating system are used. It is impossible to replace metal pipes with metallized plastic pipes in apartment buildings without replacing the riser. It is also important to consider the location of the pipes and entrances – from the side or from the bottom.

Batteries with what heat output do you need?

The power of panel-type radiators is indicated by manufacturers in the technical documentation. To calculate the required thermal power, special formulas are used.

If you were satisfied with previous cast-iron batteries – buy new ones with the same number of gills. You can use a simple formula: the floor area should be divided into two and then add one, so we get the required number of gills.

What type of house do you live in?

The energy efficiency of your house significantly affects the requirements for the thermal power of the batteries. If your house (apartment) is equipped with modern double-glazed windows, the heat output can be reduced by 15%. If the enclosure walls are insulated, this index can be reduced by another 5-10%. And vice versa: in “cold” apartments and houses for comfortable living it is necessary to increase the heat capacity by 20-30%. The “cold” areas include the basements, the first and last floors, the premises located on the outer corners of the building.

In what style will the premises be decorated?

Modern radiators are made in the form of a rectangle. During flow process, they are usually painted in white. Cast-iron radiators can be painted in any color with metal paint, resistant to high temperatures and temperature changes.

For some styles (palace, historical), one painting is not enough, standard modern radiators will look ridiculous in such interiors. To date, various manufacturers produce radiators simulating vintage heating batteries.

Tubular radiators, developed by designers, can be an element of decor. Such models are ten times more expensive than standard radiators and are produced only on individual request. In one of the rooms you can install designer radiator, and in the rest of apartment set standard radiators. The main thing is that the radiator won’t be only fashionable, but will also provide the necessary heat. Also, all the radiators in the apartment (house) must be made from the same metal.

Before choosing radiators for a home, you can consult with specialists who are involved in the design and installation of heating systems. When buying, pay attention to the availability of accompanying documentation (technical specifications) and the guarantee terms.

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