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We’ve been working in furnace repair and furnace installation area for over 10 years, providing professional services in Santa Barbara, CA. We issue a warranty for every piece of work we do, so we guarantee you only exceptional maintenance and installation works.

This is reached thanks to thorough and every-day extensive experience, 100-hours of additional training each ear for every our technician, and constant background check of their skills so you can be absolutely sure that any your problem concerning furnace repair is solved.

The list of services that the company provides in Santa Barbara

Considering furnaces, we provide the full range of services:

  • furnace repair
  • furnace service
  • furnace replacement
  • furnace installation
  • furnace maintenance.

The ‘turnkey’ service makes you have no worries about anything: only call our specialist, describe your need with the furnace, and enjoy the perfect result in a short while.

Types of heaters and furnaces that we work with

We work with all types and brands of those devices:

  • gas furnace
  • electric furnace
  • oil furnace.

No matter how old your heater is, we know how to deal with it. But you should know that the newer it is, the faster the maintenance is done and the better chances of having the spare parts for it. Also, old models tend to break down forever and they also have a low efficiency rate.

The faster you install the newest model, the faster your heating bills decrease and the service cost dramatically drop. In our region, gas and oil furnaces are considered the most efficient.

When to call for furnace repairs

The most common problems owners of furnaces experience are:

  • the burner won’t inflame
  • the motor won’t start working
  • cold air is blowing instead of hot
  • you hear funny or frightening noises during its work like bumps, short-lived squeaks, bangs, loud clicks and so on
  • it stops working shortly after it started
  • the water, gas or other fluid is leaking from it or close to it
  • your heating bill increases and you don’t have a substantial explanation.

All those problems are considered critical and to make sure the safety of you and your family (and the entire building), address us as your heating contractors as soon as possible.

Furnace inspection & maintenance

When it comes to the need of making your furnace or heater work in the first day of the cold time of the year, you probably don’t want to sadly see it doesn’t want to turn on or only blows you cold air. Lingering the device maintenance for another year (from the finish of one heating season to the start of another) is not a good idea.

At least check it once in the mid-season with a heating contractor to prevent all possible kinds of sad expressions on your face if the above-mentioned situation happens. To make sure, it’ll start working correctly, giving you a toasty heat inside your house, make sure to order the inspection beforehand.

The works of heating service include:

  • Air filters checking and cleaning or replacing if needed
  • Checking the flue pipe, pulleys & belts, connectivity of the ducts and their adjustments if necessary
  • Making tests and inspecting electricity, connections of wires and joints, work of motor, exchanger of heat, the pressure of the gas, work of coils, how flame functions, valves, airflow, and panels
  • Purifying the compartment of a blower
  • Regulating burners
  • Safe running testing.

Why trust our highly trained technicians in Santa Barbara

You don’t want to let in your house a stranger when the heater breaks down in the middle of the night. Surely, we don’t want this too. To make our strivings coincide, we rigorously check the history of each employee whom we hire, including drugs and criminal records, recommendations from the last place of work, and other checks.

Thus, you can perfectly be sure that a service worker of our company entering your house for furnace repair or another type of repair is a 100% verified person and a checked professional in the field of HVAC.

With us, you receive such advantages:

  • We work in your area
  • Affordable prices and transparent pricing
  • We work 24/7 to help you in any emergency
  • 10+ years of proven records of HVAC experience of furnace repair of every technician
  • We serve all models and types of HVAC devices.

Place your order and receive a guaranteed 2-hours feedback

For any problem with your furnace, call our phone number or leave an application on our site. We guarantee you prompt reply on furnace repair to make you warm again in a short time, ideally, that same day. As practice shows, over 90% of furnace repair operations take less than 1 hour to be done.

Tough heating repair problems, which require more than this time (and might include furnace replacement), as a rule, occur with very old models of heaters, which are older than 10 or even 15 years.

We work not only to make furnace repair in Santa Barbara but also in Carpinteria, Goleta, Oxnard, Santa Ynez, and Montecito. Call us now and get the high-pro service right away!