Why is it necessary to replace the gas furnace?

Gas Furnace Replacement

Many homeowners decide to change the gas furnace only in the case when the old one is completely inoperable. This often happens during the heating season in Santa Barbara … As a result, the house is deprived of heat and hot water until problems with repairs are solved, which in turn can lead not only to inconvenience for the loved ones, but also to the failure of the entire system (pipes burst).

So, is it worth the wait to the last?As we known, a gas furnace is an effective heating device that provides heat to the entire heating system of a house, and is often the source of a hot water supply system, if you have a dual-circuit model installed. Under our weather conditions, the device works without break for at least 2500 hours per year, which is quite a lot. As a result, after several years of intensive use of the furnace, it may show signs of wear and sometimes even serious defects.

The most sensitive element is the heat exchanger. Its strength depends primarily on proper operation and regular maintenance, thanks to which you can detect and remove defects at an early stage.

Remember, if you do not replace or repair the heat exchanger in a timely manner, then the repair of the furnace can result in an amount exceeding the cost of the new one – in this case, it is better to replace the device completely.

However, waiting for breakdowns to replace the gas furnace is not desirable …

In some cases, a good reason to buy a new device will be to improve the efficiency of the heating system and reduce the cost of its operation. Modern energy efficient models are not only more environmentally friendly than their predecessors, but also significantly more economical.

To summarize:

  • A worn furnace can cause not only frequent breakdowns, but also a source of increased danger to the life of your family.
  • The cost of heat generation by worn-out equipment will be getting higher and higher every year.
  • The cost of repair is close to the cost of new equipment
  • Spare parts for outdated equipment are hard to find on the market.

The timely replacement of outdated heating equipment allows you to:

  • Increase the efficiency of the heating system
  • Significantly reduce energy consumption
  • Reduce operating costs

A+ Refrigeration, Heating & Air Conditioning can replace gas furnace at your home, office or store in Santa Barbara, CA.

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