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Maintenance of the heating system in Santa Barbara, CA

The heating system is in full operation for almost three seasons, but it needs regular inspection all year round. That’s why you should not wait for serious breakdowns, and promptly call the service department – diagnose the system’s condition and check the observance of safety rules. Also, do not forget about the mandatory annual maintenance, which is carried out during the warranty period. As practice shows, summer time is most preferable for the full check-up of the system – this minimizes interference in the work and quickly eliminates the damage of any scale.

heating system maintenance santa barbara

In addition to complete repair work, the maintenance heating system implies the following services (depending on the type – gas, power, solid fuel or combined):

regular cleaning of the entire system before the heating season (heat exchanger, combustion chamber, burner tube) – water and / or chemical;
diagnostics and elimination of leaks using gaskets or other sealing and hermetic materials;
replacement of all parts of the structure in case of malfunction (stop valves, pumps, heat exchangers, main pipelines, etc.);
maintenance of heating systems also allows you to measure fuel consumption, in order to eliminate possible factors such as unplanned expenditure ;
evaluation of the thermal distribution by measuring temperature in all rooms, as well as adjusting the desired temperature throughout the system;
air discharge or pressure testing of pipelines.

Repair of heating system

If, during maintenance, a fault has not been detected or the fault has occurred suddenly, then it is necessary to repair the heating as soon as possible. Do not attempt to repair heating systems yourself – trust the experts who will perform the necessary actions in accordance with safety regulations. In addition, do not forget that any heating system is associated with individual risks:

gas – increased fire hazard from the fuel,
electric – water isolation is necessary and electrical system check;
solid fuel is the safest, but regular cleaning is required.

Very often after a complex check, the individual elements of the system are replaced:

Heat transfer parts;
 Stop valves;
Pumps (repair is possible);
Control and measuring devices;
Partly the pipeline.

In addition, maintenance includes all sorts of adjustment of all control equipment, as well as the adjustment of the temperature balance in the entire building where the heating system operates. Remember, sometimes even timely cleaning of pipelines can provide adequate operation of the entire system for many years. Therefore, do not ignore annual inspections and order a comprehensive service with inspection of the entire heating system.

Why do I need to order maintenance?

For a long time, the heating system can give no visible causes of breakdowns, which are detected either in complex inspections, or already afterwards unrecoverable damage. That’s why specialists ask to call for help in a timely manner if they notice the following signs:

Clogging of pipes and radiators;
Water freezes in the heating system;
Batteries do not warm well enough or they do not heat up at all;
Malfunction of a heat boiler;
In the heating system, the elements located far from the centre do not warm up well enough;
Excess of liquid on or under the batteries;
Unjustifiably large or low energy costs.

Need comprehensive maintenance of the heating system in Santa Barbara?

Contact us, and we will prepare your building for the heating season and eliminate any malfunctions in a short time. Your heating system will please you with the smooth operation. In addition, we guarantee regular examination and call for claims in case of breakdowns. After signing the maintenance contract – your heating will always be under control!