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What is a Multi-split System (Air Conditioning)?

A multi split system is essentially the same, a split system only to one external unit is connected from two or more indoor units. Multiple split systems are divided into: inverter and not inverter. Non-inverter multi split units come in sets of 2 to 6 indoor units. Usually – inverter multi-systems set (external unit universal), indoor units can be of different types: wall, floor, cassette, ceiling, column, console, channel, etc. Such systems are the ideal solution for maintaining the microclimate in offices, shops, large dwellings, cottages. In this case, the facade of the building will have an aesthetic appearance, and not surrounded by external blocks.

When choosing a climate controlling equipment, you need to take into account the specific features of the room. A choice of multi-split system makes sense with the following factors:

  •  Not enough space on the building wall outside;
  •  Façade design does not allow the installation of several outdoor units;
  •  The noise level has certain limitations;
  •  The premises have internal rooms that do not have external walls

Multi-split System Installation

The main problem when installing a multi-split system is the laying of long Freon lines for connecting the external unit to the internal ones. While installing a separate split system, workers try to locate both units opposite to each other, where the length of the line is minimal. Installing a multi-split system creates more difficulties, since some of indoor units can be located far from the outside. The first models of multi-split systems had one common control system that did not allow you to set the air conditioning individually for each room. However, now the market has a wide selection of multi-split systems, in which the functional characteristics of indoor units operate separately from each other.

Disadvantages of multi-split air conditioning systems

To achieve the necessary level of the microclimate, careful design and precise installation are required;

For placement of equipment and air ducts, a false-ceiling is necessary;

Poor design and installation of the system leads to an increased noise level during system operation and uncomfortable air distribution.

Advantages of multi-split air conditioning systems

Multi-split systems have a number of important advantages that allow us to recommend this type of equipment for getting the right microclimate in the building:

Ability to connect to one outdoor unit several internal units (about 8 units);
Possibility to maintain different air temperatures in different rooms;
The facades are not cluttered and the appearance of the building does not worsen;
When servicing, only one unit should be serviced, which is especially important when placing units at height;
Possibility of getting fresh air from the street;
Air conditioning system based on the channel air conditioner can work along with the ventilation system.

This is not all the advantages of multi-split systems, but the main ones. By installing such climate equipment in your building, you can cool, heat, clean and ionize the air, if necessary, adjust the relative humidity level, and also, deliver clean air from outside.