HVAC Repair in Santa Barbara and Goleta, CA

The physical longevity of residential hvac equipment can often be longer than its manufacturers expected lifespan. But like any residential equipment, many parts can wear out or break. That is why HVAC repair in Santa Barbara helps you with a reliable and affordable team of specialists from A + Refrigeration Heating & Air Conditioning.

Expert technicians perform HVAC repair in Santa Barbara, Goleta, Ventura, Buellton, Oxnard, Ojai, Santa Ynez, Solvang, Lompoc, and Santa Maria. We carefully examine each water heater, ventilation system, boiler, or air conditioner to find and fix a potential future breakdowns.

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Note! All HVAC systems must undergo a technical inspection at least once every six months. According to statistics, heating water devices last 50% longer than air cooling systems.

How to Repair HVAC Units?

High-quality devices work for 8-10 years, but over time, some elements become obsolete. The body of the equipment can rust, the hoses can get deformed, leaks or abnormal sounds can begin; and you need the help of an experienced expert who renovates the climate systems in facilities and replaces certain details of your HVAC fittings to help you with your HVAC repair needs.

HVAC systems. These devices require regular checking of a stable working pressure in the refrigerant freon circuit. Bearing lubrication and indoor unit disinfection are also performed by our technicians. We will monitor the efficiency of the evaporator with temperature changes, testing its inlet and outlet temperatures;

Heating service repair. Such equipment often has problems inside the controls cabinet, rather than in the heat exchanger. It is necessary to test the operation of the thermostats and replace them if they are malfunctioning. The specialist of our HVAC repair team test the operation of fuses and checks the breakers for proper functionality. ;

 AC repair. Low refrigerant levels lead to capacity loss in the AC cooling the air in premises, not being able to fulfill the setpoint on the thermostat. The condenser coils must be dry and clean, and our expert technicians perform this cleaning and verify this.

Should You Repair or Replace Your HVAC System?

Most people prefer to fix an AC breakdowm. Sometimes, buying new equipment can be cheaper than renovation. There are several points to making a decision:

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Take into account the service life of the equipment.

Consider the price of repairing versus buying new equipment.

 Frequent repairs of a specific part is one of the common signs that there is something more serious causing the repeated breakdow of the unit.

Attention! Regular testing of a cooling and heating unit helps to prevent potential damage or buying new equipment. Higher quality items (American, Japanese, German) work longer than lower quality equipment (China, Thailand, Mexico).

How to Find a Good HVAC Repair Company?

A trusted company provides you with a reliable team of specialists to make any renovation, replacement, installation, and maintenance done right. A+ Refrigeration Heating & Air Conditioning is the best local HVAC contractor which promptly responds to all client’s calls.

Our group of qualified technicians will visit you to inspect the device and fix any problems. Indicate in your request “emergency HVAC repair near me”, get a quick response of any equipment in Santa Barbara and surrounding areas. We guarantee the fast result because our company highly value your time.

Call now and you will get a worthy service for installing climate system!
We guarantee that you will be satisfied with our work, and feel the comfort and fresh air in your home or commercial premises.

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