Ice maker repair in Santa Barbara, CA

You use your ice maker on a regular basis. But even if you’ve done your best to maintain your ice maker and keep it in good shape, over time, your machine may still suffer from general wear and tear. So if your ice machine needs to be fixed, you shouldn’t just sit around and wait. Instead, turn to a team you can trust to get your ice maker repair in a hurry.

The repair of refrigeration equipment also includes the repair of such complex equipment as ice makers. Ice makers belong to the group of refrigeration equipment that is sensitive to the quality of tap water. So the maintenance of ice makers implies not only the diagnosis of the refrigeration circuit. But also the cleaning of water filters. Another threat for ice makers may be relocation and rearrangements. That may cause microscopic cracks to form in the places of soldering of copper pipes through which the working gas of refrigeration equipment evaporates.

The operation of refrigeration equipment

The operation of refrigeration equipment without refrigerant leads to breakdown of the refrigerating compressor and the downtime of the whole enterprise. It’s not too bad if it happens in restaurants, cafes and bars, or in shops, supermarkets and grocery stores. However, storage, transportation and sale of seafood (mussels, shrimps, fresh fish, squid) is significantly complicated without ice.

A technologist at the company should monitor the operation of the ice maker. Then they report to the service department if the ice maker starts to produce less ice. If the ice from the ice maker goes out in wrong shape or if in the storage tank get too much water after ice melts.

Our engineers will go to the site and repair the refrigeration equipment. They also perform the adjustment of the operation of the ice makers.  They will be able to hold peak loads both in the production of ice and in the temperature of the environment.

Complex repairs of refrigeration equipment

More complex repairs may be required in the repair of refrigeration equipment after power surges in the network. Such jumps can lead to the burnout of microboards and electronic controllers. If the unified electronic controllers Eliwell, Danfoss and Dixell for refrigeration showcases, slides and refrigerating chambers are always available with our employees, the situation with boards and controllers for ice makers often presents difficulties due to the huge variety of this kind of details in the market. Therefore, we recommend installing voltage regulators. Becouse this will help to avoid costly of repairing of refrigeration equipment and extend its life.

Ice maker repair

At Your Service

At A+ Refrigeration Heating & Air Conditioning, we understand how important it is to have a working ice maker. That’s why we go out of our way to offer the timely, reliable repair services you need. We have the tools and skills to service a wide range of ice makers. And we go out of our way to keep our ice maker repair rates affordable, all the while maintaining the high standard of quality you’ve come to expect.

For more information about our ice maker repair services in Santa Barbara or to schedule your appointment, call our team now.

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