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Industrial refrigeratior Santa Barbara

Industrial refrigerator for storing food at low temperatures

An industrial refrigerator is a refrigeration equipment designed for low-temperature processing of food products by creating and maintaining inside the object a specified operating cooling mode, including temperature, humidity, speed for the cooling environment, and sometimes may include pressure and gas composition.

Industrial refrigerators are used in the technological processes of the food industry. When you choose an industrial refrigerator for your company, enterprise or organization, you need to plan ahead the task that will be performed by the acquired equipment. Our experts select industrial equipment taking into account all factors affecting the efficiency of systems and their effectiveness. Namely, the maximum emissions of heat, what changes occur during the working day, and an important and highly controlled factor- allowance for the resistance of the hydraulic system, where heat will be removed and the need for duplication of the system. Also, when the service life of the equipment expires, we repair any complexity and any models of both domestic and imported production.

In our company it is considered prestigious to be on the posts of the service regulations, the best specialists come here, they also will make repairs in the shortest possible time in the event of a malfunction in the operation of special equipment, thereby qualitatively fulfilling the requirements of customers.

The industrial refrigerator is a product that is in demand today, which is a constant cycle, the customer’s need, the expansion of business and the re-ordering of new equipment, it all grow the importance of our company to our customers.

Refrigerated warehouses

The production and sale of food products today is one of the most profitable activities. Often in the production of such goods, there is a need to cool the finished product. In order to ensure that perishable items do not lose their commercial qualities, they are stored in specially refrigerated warehouses. Since from the producer to the consumer many products pass a complex chain of intermediaries, it turns out that special cameras for storing goods must be present for each participant of this chain. Refrigerated warehouses differ from the usual ones not only by the availability of cooling premises but also by logistic methods of storage of goods, different design of doors.

The warehouse can be simply a line of walk-through cameras aligned in a row, but such solutions are typical for relatively small intermediaries. Much more often, large participants in the movement of goods (manufacturers, supermarket chains) order a project and installation of a large-scale refrigerating warehouse.

Re-equipment of the warehouse into a refrigerating chamber or warehouse for storage of products

The use of modern technology allows you to turn any conventional premises into refrigerated warehouses. For this, the insulation of walls, ceilings, and floors is made, refrigeration equipment is installed, special doors are mounted. Walls are stuffed with special sandwich panels. These panels consist of several layers of different thermal insulation materials, which allows to effectively maintain the temperature regime in the chamber. The use of special doors for warehouses is associated with a number of requirements, namely: doors should open easily and do not freeze, in addition, they must quickly close to prevent the leakage of cold.

Modern equipment and the latest technologies make it possible not only to convert ordinary rooms into cold stores but also to build a new refrigerated warehouse or industrial chamber in the shortest possible time.

The sale of equipment for warehouses, calculation of parameters and construction of industrial refrigerating chambers for today is carried out by a number of firms, which provides acceptable prices formed in a competitive struggle for the customers. Most often, all equipment and materials already have quality certificates about compliance with the sanitary requirements of the country in which they will be operated.

Industrial chambers and warehouses for storage of various products should be operated in different temperature conditions and accordingly have different tolerances from sanitary-epidemic stations.

Types of refrigerated warehouses

So what are cold stores and what are they used for? It is possible to divide these chambers according to the level of the temperatures maintained.

  1. The first type is ordinary refrigerated warehouses, which in fact are large freezers. They are used to store meat, poultry, fish, frozen semi-finished products and a number of other goods.
  2. The second type – refrigerated warehouses for storage of dairy products, sausages, vegetables, fruits, flowers, some medicines. The temperature regime in such warehouses is softer than in warehouses of the first type.
  3. The third type is refrigerated warehouses for cooling meat and meat products. Such chambers are used to cool (and not freeze) meat after slaughter, meat products after smoking, and boiling.
  4. The fourth type of warehouses for shock freezing products. They are used to preserve meat, fish products and semi-finished products, berries, mushrooms and so on. In cameras of this type, the most “harsh” temperature regime is maintained.

What is important to know about industrial refrigerators

Their main difference from conventional home equipment are huge dimensions. Sometimes they are larger by size than the room and in such cases are called freezing warehouses. Basically, this technique is used in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Refrigeration chambers are rooms up to three hundred cubic meters, which are often installed in large supermarkets or restaurants. They are very useful because they allow you to have a constant supply of the necessary goods in the right amount.

Such devices are widely used in meat processing plants or fish factories since the food they produce is perishable. The industrial refrigerator can be used for various purposes. For example, if you need to quickly cool the products before shipment, then you need to enable shock freezing. This function will be useful if you need to transfer products for long distances.

There are large enterprises in which consignments of goods are shipped from the shops directly to vehicles for transportation. In such cases, the refrigeration equipment, first, must be really very large in area to accommodate the additional necessary equipment inside, and secondly to have the opportunity to have access for cars.

Industrial refrigerators can operate in the temperature range from +15 to -40 degrees Celsius. They are usually made to order, as it is difficult to predict all the needs of the future buyer. Management can be different, it all depends on the models and dimensions. However, it is worth remembering that the installation should only be done by professionals since this is a rather difficult process. The outer shell is made of strong steel and with very good thermal insulation. The intensity of internal ventilation can be selected based on the purposes of future use. Such models are always equipped with automatic defrosting systems since it is almost impossible to do this manually by hand in such versions and it will take a lot of time.