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Roof-mounted HVAC equipment is so popular and affordable for installation that it is unlikely in today’s city to find a commercial building that does not have any kind of air conditioning system installed either inside or outside. The fact that air conditioners form a microclimate (clean and moisturize the air) in the room, and also maintain a favorable temperature for the human body is known to everyone. Control of temperature and the required level of humidity in air is maintained automatically, specifically set parameters for the system.

Features of rooftop air conditioners

Rooftop or roof-mounted air conditioner is a refrigeration machine. Often, this unit connects the central air conditioner and the air-cooled chiller of the condenser. It is installed on the roof, a special frame or ground (depending on the design) and cools large premises. Such air conditioning is used for commercial buildings:

  • indoor stadiums
  • conference rooms
  • warehouses
  • production facilities

The benefits of roof-mouneted AC is not only in cooling or heating the air, but also in supplying fresh air, and therefore in ventilating the room. To perform these functions, to the common condenser, a compressor, an evaporator and a fan, are added mixing chambers, that combine fresh and exhaust air, electric or water heaters are also added to heat the air.

The positive characteristics in the operation of rooftop air conditioning units


Despite the relatively simple operating principle of rooftops, they have certain advantages:

  •  During the operation, the device emits a minimum of noise;
  •  simple assembly and installation work, as well as simple maintenance;
  •  compact AC unit sizes;
  •  reliability of the automation system, by means of which the temperature and operation modes are controlled;
  •  efficiency.

Assembly and installation of the Roof-mounted Air Conditioner

The essence of installation is narrowed to the implementation of the following technical stages:

  • monoblock installation
  • arrangement of air supply ducts
  • installation of a drainage line
  • refueling of the cooling line following by the subsequent pumping (removal of air from the system)
  • electrical work
  • trouble-shooting, testing

Types of rooftop air conditioning units

  •  air-conditioners for cooling
  •  air-conditioners with air heating of different models:
    • with electric heater
    • water heated
    • heated by gas

Regardless of the classification, all roof-mounted AC units operate according to a certain principle:

  •  Fresh air is taken from the outside;
  •  The recirculated (exhausted) air is removed from the room and then it gets to the mixing chamber – for blending with fresh air. It is worth noting that the desired ratio of external and exhaust air is ensured by the properly selected position of the dampers of the mixing chamber. In air conditioners of low power, mixing chambers are not installed, and mixing of air takes place in the supply duct;
  • after mixing, air is passed through air purification filters and sent to the heat exchanger (evaporator or condenser) of the refrigeration machine, where it is cooled or heated;
  •  then the processed air is fed into the distribution duct system and enters the room through the distribution grids.

Rooftop is a modern AC, which can be constantly improved with the help of installing additional options.

Our company in on time will perform the design and installation of roof air conditioners. We are ready to listen to your wishes, make adjustments to the project and provide the ideal option, suitable for your premises.

For the normal operation of roof air-conditioning systems, it is necessary to carry out their systematic maintenance. This will significantly extend the life of their operation and will eliminate complex breakdowns, which require expensive repairs.

Trust rooftop AC maintenance only to professionals

A+ Refrigeration Heating & Air Conditioning provides installation, repair and maintenance of commercial air conditioners in Santa Barbara and surround areas.

Roof-mounted AC are complex HVAC equipment, which should be serviced only by experienced engineers. Our qualified workers who have the necessary technical knowledge will perform the following works qualitatively:

  • conduct a visual inspection of all elements of the system to detect mechanical damage;
  • check the fuses and adjust the regulators
  • make diagnostics of the system to detect fluid leakage
  • clean and balance the fan blades
  • check the heater;
  • clean contacts and conduct diagnostics of electronics;
  • test the operation of the compressor and electric motors;
  • check the voltage;
  • clean and disinfect filters, heat exchanger and outflow system;
  • measure the pressure level and refill the air conditioner;
  • test the work of the equipment in all modes.

We service:

  • Production enterprises, factories, shopping centers
  • Restaurants, cafes, and places of catering
  • Multi-storey and private residential buildings, office premises
  • Clinics, hospitals, schools, educational institutions
  • Airports, railway stations and all government buildings

Why is it beneficial to carry out regular maintenance of air conditioners?

During operation of air conditioners, the outdoor air is filtered and fed into the room. At the same time, all contaminants accumulate on the internal elements of the structure. Even if the climate system is fully functional, it must be cleaned regularly. An additional risk factor is a sharp temperature drop, which causes some parts to wear out or lose their tightness.

Maintenance of commercial air conditioners will help to avoid expensive repairs and extend their service life by several years.

Upon completion of the service of the rooftop AC, we can guarantee a long service life of the HVAC equipment, our specialists will tell (if necessary) about the special features of using this equipment, as well as about the maintenance. If the latter procedure is carried out regularly and by skilled worker, the equipment will work without stopping for many years, with only minor repairs or replacement of parts required.

The main signs to immediately carry out service maintenance:

  • decrease in the efficiency of the ventilation system;
  • high noise level during operation;
  • the appearance of an unpleasant odor.

Each of the signs can appear in an instant or gradually, but in any case, it is recommended to immediately call specialists and carry out maintenance. If this is not done, the system may fail and further expensive repair or replacement of parts may be required.

A+ team is ready to instantly begin servicing your system, and in the future to carry out repairs and complete maintenance of the Roof-mounted Air Conditioner.

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