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How to choose the right air conditioner for the office in Santa Barbara?

So, we will try to answer the question.

In accordance with the new requirements for creating comfortable conditions in office premises, air cleared from organic and mineral dust should include no more than 0.3% carbon dioxide and about 21% oxygen. At the same time, the relative humidity of air should not exceed 50-60%. The optimum temperature range should be 20 ° -24 ° C.  the flow of the air masses should be about 0.1-0.15 m / s. To create described conditions today is possible only at use of modern air conditioning systems.

In the HVAC market, air conditioning models are represented by a huge range of options. What to rely on when choosing? There are many factors that can affect your decision….

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First, it is very important to choose the brand of AC. You should focus on personal preferences, while not forgetting about the technical requirements for the AC system for the room. But in any case, do not save on the climate system: only by providing the most optimal conditions for the work of office staff, you can improve productivity and quality of labor, which will pay off for the cost of buying and installing the system.

Do not miss the possibility of installing an air-conditioning system during the construction phase of the building. You can avoid a lot of mistakes in the design, and in addition, you will save on façade repairs

Do not economize on the services of professionals. The design of AC systems at the office premises should be handled by specialists in engineering systems.  Installation of equipment should be carried out only by trusted workers with a good reputation.
Well, and, of course, when choosing an air-conditioning system, you need to take into account the size of the office space. And it is on this parameter that we will dwell in more detail, describing the most suitable solutions for each option …

Air conditioning of a small office

Wall split system

The AC unit is today one of the most popular solutions for small office premises (up to 70 m²). It consists of 2 blocks, internal and external, which are connected by means of a copper pipeline. The indoor unit is installed, respectively, in the room, while the outdoor unit is placed on the roof, balcony, facade and so on. The built-in compressor located in the outdoor unit, the main source of noise, so the inner part of the split-system does not produce any noise

The pros of this option can include small size, simplicity of construction, low noise level, high efficiency, simple and quick installation. But there are some drawbacks. One wall-mounted AC is capable of serving only one room. If you want to provide air conditioning for several rooms at once, you will have to purchase and install several split-systems (according to the number of rooms).

Air Conditioning for small office

Cassette split system

Not just effective, but attractive. The indoor unit of the cassette split system hides under a suspended ceiling, thus, does not affect the harmony of the existing interior of the room.

In addition, due to its good location, the cassette split systems are able to provide a uniform air exchange in the room, distributing air in 4 directions. However, it is possible to install such systems only in rooms with high ceilings – when installing cassette systems, be prepared for the fact that a significant part of the height of the room will be “eaten up”.

Air conditioning of a large office (from 70 m²), several offices

Channel split system

Ideal for office space of a large area, including for offices with cubicles. Due to the fact that the indoor unit of the channel split system is installed behind the suspended ceiling. It does not affect the interior of the office space, as it simply can not be seen. As for the efficiency of the system, the distribution of chilled air occurs over insulated ducts, which are also located in the inter-ceiling space.

This system also provides the possibility of air supply from the street, thus, it is not only about air conditioning, but also about ventilation. The disadvantages of channel split systems include high costs for air ducts, grilles, installation work. In addition, one channel system, in whatever number of rooms ducts are spread. In all these rooms the temperature will be set either on heating or cooling mode.

Air conditioning in large office

Ceiling split system

Another great option for air conditioning of spacious office premises, only if the height of these premises allows. The indoor unit of the system in a horizontal position is installed under the ceiling – the air flow is also directed horizontally.

The advantages of a ceiling split system include a high cooling capacity, the possibility of equal distribution of airflow over a large area without subcooling zones. Such systems are highly efficient when working indoors and with standard and high ceilings, do not require the presence of a false ceiling. However, there are also disadvantages. We are talking about the fact that the height of the ceiling should not be less than three meters. In addition, this system in the room does not provide fresh air.

Multi split system

An irreplaceable option for air conditioning in several office spaces located one from another at a short distance at once. Multi split systems consist of one powerful external unit and several internal ones. At the same time, from the point of view of selecting indoor units, there are no restrictions. You can choose floor-ceiling, cassette, channel, wall and so on. Each indoor unit is located in its premises, and with the external unit it connects with the help of freon ducts.

Thus, the facade of the building is not spoiled by numerous external blocks, and for each room you can choose the most suitable and required characteristics as well as design of the indoor unit. The multi split system can be harmoniously placed into any architectural office style. The disadvantages of the system include the high cost of equipment, expensive installation, as well as the ability to operate the internal units of the system simultaneously in only one mode: either heating or cooling.

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