Refrigeration maintenance

Maintenance of refrigeration equipment in Santa Barbara

The uninterrupted operation of refrigeration equipment and its capacity depend not so much on the equipment manufacturer, its model and cost, as on compliance with all rules when putting equipment into operation and providing high-quality services.

Maintenance, not carried out on time, leads to the failure of the refrigerating equipment and necessity of expensive repair of knots and units. In addition, this results to a halt and the downtime of production, sale stand, spoiler of the product and as a result the enterprise incurs

Why carry out maintenance?

The main purpose of maintenance of refrigeration equipment is to periodically inspect, repair and promptly eliminate malfunctions and failures in the refrigeration system and electrical equipment of machines.

Taking into account that refrigeration equipment is a complex electrotechnical structure used in rather difficult conditions. Thus, only the highly qualified specialists who can be trusted to take all the necessary measures. But also they can provide a competent advice on operation and prevention of possible breakdowns.

Specialists of our company offer comprehensive maintenance of refrigeration equipment. The list of additional services also includes regular visits and advice on installation and operation.

We also offer a technical inspection, which can be carried out on a monthly basis.

Types of maintenance

Maintenance of refrigeration equipment can be:
1. One-time
One-time maintenance includes a certain list of operations:

  • Assessment of technical condition
  • Cleaning and flushing of capacitors
  • Identification of possible malfunctions

is performed before or after the start-up of the refrigeration device, as well as after a certain operating time or on the basis of the technical condition of the products.

2. Seasonal

Necessary only for those devices that are used during the significant changes in weather conditions over the year.

3. Scheduled

Carried out with a certain regularity, in accordance with the requirements established by the producers.

Scheduled maintenance is the optimal solution, because with this approach, the detection and elimination of certain faults occurs in advance. It is held at least once a month, if necessary 2-3 times a month. The cost of servicing the refrigeration equipment is calculated individually depending on the capacity of the equipment. Its technical condition, conditions of use and the number of installed products.

Urgent repair of refrigeration systems

This service is relevant to customers for whom the key to successful operation is the continuous and efficient operation of refrigerators and freezers. This concerns grocery stores and shops, bars, restaurants, cafes, various catering establishments, hyper- and minimarkets.

To leave a request, use the phone number offered on the site.

Advantages of an emergency call order:

  • The engineer arrives at the site within 2-3 hours.
  •  Available 24/7
  • The fastest response in the city (Fastest Response time in town)
  • The analysis of equipment malfunctions takes place on the customer’s premises, using special measuring instruments and a professional tool that the master takes with him to the call.
  • Availability of original parts required for repair.
  • Quality repair of industrial refrigeration equipment, regardless of the complexity of the failure.

We understand the importance of the uninterrupted operation of refrigeration systems for our customers, therefore repair work, regardless of the location of the facility, will be performed as quickly as possible.

Looking for a reliable refrigeration maintenance service in Santa Barbara? ? Congratulations, you found it.
Call on the phone

Consulting on the repair of refrigeration systems

The refrigeration equipment does not work correctly. But, the exact problem is unknown? You just need to dial the phone number of our company and try to describe the state of your equipment as detailed as possible, for example:

  • the freezer is not cool enough
  • the motor-compressor is too loud
  • water appeared under the device, ice builds up on the walls, etc.

Our specialist will consult on possible causes of these signs of the malfunction and methods for its elimination. If necessary, we will repair and service industrial refrigeration equipment.

In addition, the consulting of qualified masters may be required even during periods of uninterrupted operation of the equipment. Close contact with specialists and carrying out service work as scheduled, established by the regulations, will ensure favorable operating conditions for the equipment and will significantly prolong the working life.

Timely inspection of refrigeration equipment gives you a number of benefits:

• Money savings
If the equipment is serviced in time – diagnostics, checking of work, cleaning, lubrication, refueling, replacement of worn parts, etc. – it makes possible to significantly extend the period of its operation. That is, you do not need to buy new equipment every five years or spend money on expensive repairs.

• Reduction of utility costs
If the refrigeration equipment is working smoothly, you do not have to overpay for the consumption of electricity or water. For example, the refrigerator overcharges electricity several times with the wear of some parts.


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