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Tankless water heater

  • Dec 19, 2017

Tankless water heaters can save your money

Energy efficiency is a priority in needs for the most Santa Barbara’s people, when it comes to buying new water heater. One of the best options in saving money is tankless water heater. In fact, according to energy.gov a tankless water heater can save you as much as 8–34 percent on energy bills comparing to common storage water heater.

Traditional water tank heaters heat gallons of water and store it for later usage, when tankless water heaters heat water on the as needed-basis, using gas or electric coils for heating purposes, which in turn can cut heating cost significantly, as the water is not stored and heated constantly to keep it warm for later use. And of cause with the tankless heater you will constantly have unlimited supply of hot water whenever you need it. Tankless heaters usually are small, energy-efficient in design and uncostly to operate.

When you need hot water, just turn the tap, cold water will go through the unit where it will be heated by a gas burner or electric coils, and you get hot water. One flow in tankless water heaters—which applies more to large houses—is that the hot water flow rate may weak to provide hot water to a handful of uses at once. Our skilled professional will help you to determine what flow rate is more suitable for you and give recommendations based on their findings.

 Benefits of having tankless heater

There are people who install a detached tankless water heater for specific appliance, for example a dishwasher or for the laundry—or as and additional unit for a solar water heating system. But overall, most households in the North America use just one tankless water heater. Here is some of the benefits of having tankless heater:

• The longer life cycle comparing to the traditional tank heater. Most tankless water heaters can run up to 20 years.
• Most tankless units model have rebate in federal tax
• Tankless water heaters will never run out of hot water.
• Great energy saving with a tankless water heater as you don’t use energy to heat the wter on a stand-by mode, but heat the amount you need right away.
• Most of tankless models use less space comparing to traditional tank water heaters. They can be attached to the walls or be hidden in small cupboards. Some of small units can be placed under cabinets or in a closet.

Heating Service Contractor in Santa Barbara, CA

When using the tankless water heaters, you can be sure of not flooding your house due a cracked tank. Call us today to get a tankless hot water heater installed in your Santa Barbara household. When talking about energy-efficiency- it’s the best option for your house. We provide good choice in quality tankless hot water heaters, expertise and professional service—for all your tankless water heater needs. Give us a call at 805-556-4077 or schedule an appointment online.