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Regular Water Heater Maintenance Service

A water heater tank, or simply a boiler, heats water for domestic consumption and is an absolutely crucial appliance in homes or apartments with no central hot water supply.

Widespread contamination of almost all water resources, especially the urban pollutions, leads to premature failure of the water heating equipment. We advise you to use the services of our qualified specialists. They have successful practical experience, connected with the good knowledge of the tank water heaters of different manufacturers, when looking for repair and maintenance work.

Boiler construction

Water heater Maintenance

The boiler is a rather complicated structure consisting of:

• a thermometer placed on the outside;
• a magnesium anode, a heating element;
• a cold water supply pipe;
• a heat insulation layer;
• an inner tank;
• a hot water pipe;
• an adjustable thermostat;
• a light bulb;
• a decorative cover and mounting wall brackets.

Each of the listed details has not only its great significance, but also has the ability (due to the life expectancy, or permissible errors in operation) to fail.

It needs to be pointed out that tubular electric heaters (common abbreviation – TEH) require special attention in the form of regular maintenance. Heating elements constantly come into direct contact with water in order to obtain thermal energy by transforming it from electric one. Almost every source of water contains a high content of salts, which in the form of buildup adjust to the heaters, thereby complicating their work, which, in turn, significantly reduces generated heat and leads to a breakage.

How to clean the boiler system components?

Initially, the water heater should be disconnected from the electricity. Then the electrical part is dismantled, the water is drained from the tank. The heating element is detached, removing the buildup from the heating element and the tank is performed. And all the parts reassembled.

The preventive maintenance of the boiler is determined individually for every case and depends on a number of factors (for example, frequency in use).

Necessary maintenance include the cleaning of the tank and the boiler’s elements from buildup in order to eliminate the possibility of corrosion. That arises from the contact of metal objects with water and the regular replacement of the magnesium anode (consisting of a magnesium alloy). This action helps protect the tank walls from corrosion and reduce buildup.

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